A personal photographic service
by Rob Coombe

Wedding Photography

I love weddings. It's one of the happiest days in any persons life, and I love documenting the day in the most natural way possible. I believe that the best smiles are natural ones, and I focus on capturing as many of them as possible.

If you would like me to photograph your special day, I will take the time to visit you before the event to run through the plans you have and so we both know how the day will run, come rain or shine.

Your wedding day is a day full of emotion and I will interfere as little as possible. I'm a very friendly, approachable person, and will only step in when I need to. Even though I focus on candid shots, I understand the the traditional photographs are very important as well and I'm more than happy to do as much of that as you wish.

Once the day is over, I will edit the photos in a style most befitting of the day. Once processed, I will hand all final images to you in both colour and black and white, and they are yours to use as you wish.

Please have a look below at some of the weddings I have photographed recently, take a look at my packages, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss anything further or make a booking. Thank you.

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