The Wedding of Kieron & Ruby in Frampton, Dorset

A gorgeous wedding in the heart of beautiful Dorset.


I’m sure Kieron & Ruby won’t mind me sharing with you all that they didn’t have a huge budget. They are young and both just setting out on their careers in life. However, this wedding just proves you don’t need a huge budget to have a stunning wedding. This one was absolutely gorgeous. They found a picturesque spot in Frampton and got married outside by the river. Peaceful, quiet and beautiful. Add to that your family, friends and a genuine love for each other, it really doesn’t get any better.


I arrived early at the venue to capture a few images of Kieron and the groomsmen getting the venue set up. I then travelled a short distance to meet Ruby and photograph the bridal preparation with her bridesmaids and bridesman!


The day was perfect, filled with love, laughter and great weather! I little overcast early on but dry and warm. Later on the sun came out and we were treated to a great sunset. Not one to pass up an opportunity I took Kieron and Ruby out to the bridge over the river for 10 minutes and I photographed them as they enjoyed a few moments watching the setting sun.


Kieron and Ruby are a lovely couple and really great people. Other than a few pre ceremony butterflies (more Kieron than Ruby it has to be said!) they were really relaxed all day so it was easy for me to photograph. So many genuine moments presented themselves, it was a real pleasure to play my small part.


A little selection of my photographs from the day are below.